Welcome to Trio

Welcome to Trio

Welcome to Trio World Academy. This is the first step towards gifting your child a truly international educational experience. Trio believes in providing a solid platform to engineer the best future for students and the society at large. Our goal is an educational experience that stimulates minds, stokes imaginations and broadens the perspectives of pupils.

TRIO is a Bengaluru based, authorised IB World School. We offer IB PYP, Cambridge Secondary 1, IGCSE and IB DP. TRIO has been chosen “Best School Brand’ in India by The Economic Times, New Delhi. We are the only institution in the state to be recognised as an ‘Institution of Happiness’ by QS-I-GAUGE, a reputed, independent authority on school and college ratings.

Essence of TRIO

School life is meant to be cherished and enjoyed, not solely used as a preparation for adulthood.

We are a bully-free, and inclusive school, that is currently catering to students from over 18 nationalities. Each child comes gifted with a unique set of interests and skills. We want to make sure that their potential is recognised and honed early so that they are ahead on the global platform. Our focus on healthy teacher-student relationships creates the foundation for a child to thrive life-long. TRIO recognises and supports the immense diversity among the children who get admitted to the school and maintains an environment that nurtures them. We provide them with a rich variety of extracurricular activities to choose from: music, art, sports, drama and club-based activities.

Our campus & facilities

TRIO is located in close proximity to the international airport. It has a vast proportion of its campus dedicated to multiple sporting facilities. Our cafeteria caters to all tastes, by serving a rich and healthy variety of international cuisines, suitable for students. We provide air-conditioned classrooms. Our library carries a wealth of publications and resources, that our students are encouraged to utilise and enjoy.

Our educators

TRIO is home to teachers, from all over the world, who bring us their unique combination of world knowledge, experiences and teaching expertise. Our faculty are committed to providing a secure environment for children. They lead, inspire, challenge and encourage every child to scale new heights. We encourage our teachers to push past their own limits through regular professional development programmes.

School safety

Trio is a pioneer in school safety and security, with stringent Child Protection & Safety and Complaint policies and CBV checks for all staff.

Our alumni

Our alumni carry the spirit of international mindedness and community wherever they go. They have earned themselves spots in the best universities all over the world, as a result of our impeccable student placement programme.

School schedule

Our daily school schedule is designed to provide students with a balance between focused learning and leisure, core curriculum and extracurricular activities.

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