Trio Stories

Trio Stories

Twin Bytes (Mira Krishna and Tara Krishna)

Young entrepreneurs harness technology to take their business idea online

Twins Mira Krishna and Tara Krishna of Grade 7 of TRIO World Academy are the founders of a soap making business. Their entrepreneurial journey started off during a dinner table discussion about setting up a stall for “Festival of Love”, a Valentine’s day event at the school. Mira and Tara came up with the idea of making handcrafted natural soaps and accessories.

Their stall on Valentine’s day was a huge hit with the students and teachers alike. They realised that they could take their soaps to a wider market.

The sisters came up with the brand name Twin Bytes. Kalapana Anne, the twins’ mother, has supported them along the process. They have worked on diligently selecting and sourcing the raw materials for the soaps, picking soap recipes, mixing the materials, pouring, curing and marketing the soaps.

They are planning on launching a website and an Instagram page to market their products.

Aarav Nallur

Some children stand out, they have talents, skills, inspirational stories that have us all watching and surprised.

Aarav Nallur was one such student. In 2019 at the age of 9 while still in Grade 4 at Trio World Academy he took the IGCSE Mathematics examination getting an A+ (88% in Advanced Mathematics). 

This would be an outstanding result from a student from Grade 10, so his exceptional marks are doubly special.

Sharing stories is one of the activities that fundamentally makes us human.

In this section, we dig a little deeper into the worlds, backgrounds, trials, and triumphs of the wonderful people who make up our school.TRIO is, after all, made up of amazing human beings, like you. We hope that you find inspiration, life lessons and reassurance from what you read here (More to come soon!)

The following year now aged 10 he was awarded the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Grand Honors for being amongst the highest scoring participants in their 2019-2020 CTY Talent Search when he received 99% in his Mathematics examination.

We watch his future achievements with great interest.

Gautam Saravanan

The child’s interests often mould who they will become, and our student Gautam Saravanan has the interest, skills, and dexterity to go anywhere he wants. In Grade 3 Gautam won the National Junior Robotics Sumo Wrestling competition, showing determination, excellent hand eye co-ordination and focus he took on participants older than himself and vanquished them with his robot.

It is always fabulous to see a student take a passion into a competitive arena, have success and have it gives direction to their interests in a future career. We look forward to being able to add to Gautam’s story in the years to come.

Sanjana Chinnan

When we write we give something of ourselves to our audience, a small gift of knowledge, imagination, a window into who we are in the world.

For this reason, our students who write with the intention that their work will be read by others are in an incredibly special category. Here at Trio World Academy, we have several published authors amongst our student body, Our Grade 6 student Sanjana Chinnan aged 11 years old at the time of writing, is one of them. Writing for her age group she has contributed to and been recognised by Read Bloom Books Liferarian Association for writing and inspiring children to share their eStories.

With our young writers we look to a future where they will further express themselves as they get older. The written word is a is a window to our humanity and a powerful weapon against ignorance, arrogance, and disinformation.

Tejas Bopanna

Tejas Bopanna is a Grade 9 student at Trio World Academy. He is a young man who at 14 years old has big goals and is working incredibly hard to achieve them. Imagine training every morning and every evening, 6 days a week.

He has been interested in football since he was 7 and in recent times has become a player with BOCA Juniors. Their training covers all aspects of the sport and includes movement, flexibility, football skills and all of this adds up to Tejas being part of a winning team.

While he dreams of a career as a professional footballer in Europe, he also understands the rigorous training and commitment that is required. BOCA Juniors have already shown they are a team to be reckoned with and Tejas has been a part of their success getting Man of the Match in their penultimate game.

In a few weeks his team will play in the KSFA Youth Premier League, they have their sights set on this being a successful outing for them.

Navyashree Sai Anupati

The young Equestrian Navya NV from Grade 10 achieves at an exceedingly high level in her chosen sport. Every adult who excels looks towards the future of their sport, clearly with young participants such as Navya rising behind them there is clearly a very bright future.Navya has been interested in her chosen sport from the age of 5, she has been remarkably successful in competitive Equestrian events especially Dressage, winning her Interstate Competition in 2018.

In her immediate future are further competitive events including the Junior National Show Jumping Competition in Mumbai, Equestrian Premier League (EPL) Grand Finale and the Indian event for the very important Federation Equestre International (FEI).

Navya has many goals in life, her most important related to her sport are achieving a top place in the National Equestrian Championships, the Asian Games and beyond.
We look forward to watching her further successes. She is part of the future of her sport.

Shaurya Shenoy

Shaurya Shenoy of Grade 3B is a young man of many talents. In 2017 at the age of 6 he took part in Junior Master Chef, creating recipes and food that was both pleasant to eat but also visually appealing. An interest in cooking is a skill that will be useful throughout his life. 

“But Wait There’s More” he has built a computer on his own, using some parts available at home and some from online purchases.

At the age of 9 his curiosity prompted him to research and build a computer, his parents encouraged him by taking him to one of the labs where he had hands on experience, and he gave them a list of parts to purchase. Surprisingly within a few hours he had assembled the whole unit and connected it to an old television to convert it into a desktop.

With this computer any household TV can be converted into a computer. His parents say that this could be helpful to replace expensive laptops and tablets for the under privileged.

His inquisitive nature, the ability to take knowledge and give it a practical outcome are skills which as he grows will enable him to make an impact far beyond his immediate surroundings.

Nisha Lobo

Nisha Lobo is an alumnus of TRIO. She attended TRIO from 2009 to 2018. (Grade 3 to Grade 12). Nisha was born with Ichthyosis, a rare genetic disorder. Her story has been one filled with challenges posed by her condition, from an early age, ones she has courageously faced and overcome She arrived at TRIO in 2009 and enrolled as a student of 2009. She thrived as a student, in TRIO’s inclusive learning environment, with the help of her incredibly supportive family, peers and teachers. She has spoken publicly about her life in an inspiring TEDx talk “Respond: Don’t React” at TEDxBESC.

She appeared in the well-known television show, Satyameva Jayate, hosted by Aamir Khan. She was part of a popular Vicks ad-film by Proctor & Gamble, as part of their #TouchofCare campaign.

Virat Karan

Trio World Academy is always very excited to host events which involve our student and this was the case on Saturday 27th November. In this case it was two of our young student artists, the Duo Virat Karan (aged 7) and Chanvitha Sundari (aged 2 years)  who achieved a World Record under the auspices of UNICO.  They used their talent in Abstract Art Expressionism to paint a 1000 sq ft area. Their unique talents were on full display as they expressed themselves through their art.

The event was intended to raise awareness about the use of Art and Art Therapy in everyday life. These young artists were able to cover the large canvas in a record time and we are pleased to be part of the support for their talent. Congratulations and well done.

Jithen Arun

Music has been a part of the family since Jithen’s childhood, with Mom being a trained classical singer, listening to various genres across the globe, being exposed to various instruments, listening to his mother humming all the time always gave him a jolt from within and encouraged him to try his hands on anything that is around, being it banging the table or boxes/containers or walls or anything that helped him create a rhythm out of it. That’s how it led Jithen to take up drums as his passion. He has always been fascinated with the thump being played by the drummer in a music band and always wanted to do it. So, he got his first drum set at the age of 7 and there has been no stopping him after that. Music is like a therapy for him all day. He tries to practice playing drums whenever he gets time however there is no limit, it is like his daily breather.

He has performed in several social and cultural events and appeared in various radio talk shows – Club FM 94.3, Fever 104 and has been featured on television – Asianet News, Mazhavil Manorama. He even hosted the music show for an entire day on 94.3 Radio One playing music to the city of Bangalore. Jithen has also walked the ramp for international brands like Paul Smith Junior & Timberland.

Karun D Balachandar

Karun D Balachandar was a student at Trio World Academy and graduated in 2018, during this time he became an author of a popular book on Amazon and Kindle. The book, titled The Teenagers Guide to the Universe is an easy-to-read guide on everything a young mind may want to know about our universe and outer space in an understandable way. Born in the USA but raised all over the world, he is currently a 2nd year Medical student at the prestigious MS Ramaiah Medical College.

Amongst his many talents, Karun regularly won awards for his oratorial skills and academics throughout his school years. As a trained Carnatic singer and accomplished Tabla player, he enjoys dabbling in all kinds of music styles. When he has free time, he coaches young minds on the various stories from Indian and Western mythology. He enjoys writing fiction stories on websites like FanFiction and ArchiveOfOurOwn while also browsing Reddit, however due to the paucity of time due to his current university education, he has put a hold on his passions as they require more dedication.

When Karun completes his medical degree, he wishes to volunteer with Médecins Sans Frontières, (Doctors Without Borders in English) and work in areas and nations that are in dire need of doctors before he continues with further specialisation.

Karun has taken everything he was taught at Trio and has added this to his amazing abilities and talents. We are incredibly proud of Karun and we all look forward to seeing what happens in his future.


Raghav Bhatia

To be good at something it takes commitment, however to go beyond and be that person who excels takes grit, determination, a willingness to sacrifice and without a doubt a competitive nature. Raghav Bhatia is such an individual. His chosen pursuit is swimming and over the years he has amassed a collection of medals numbering more than 60 for placings at various Swimming Events. He knows that to stay competitive he has to put in the time and that commitment in training is a minimum of 4 hours a day in the pool. He is a shining example of a person who knows what he wants and is willing to put in the work to make it happen. An Extraordinary young person.

Below are some of his results from a State and National levels as examples of how his hard work pays off.

YEAR 2019-CISCE Swimming Competition-
State Meet-

  • 100 m Butterfly Gold
  • 200 m Butterfly Gold
  • 100 m Breaststroke-Bronze

National Meet-

  • 200 m Butterfly-Bronze

YEAR 2021
National Fin Swimming Championship-

  • 150 m Bi-fin-Bronze

Maharashtra State Level Swim Meet-

  • 250 m Breaststroke-3rd
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