Open House

Open House at Trio World Academy

Trio World Academy holds Open House events during the academic year, this is to showcase the school, teachers and the curriculums we offer. Such events are normally held around December as we prepare to enroll students for the following academic year, which will normally start around August. (Note: students can enroll at any time during the year)

For us as a school an Open House gives us all the opportunity to welcome not only prospective students along with their families but it is a chance for our wider community to come and visit, to learn and enjoy the displays covering all areas of our students interests or academics and of course view the facilities.

Our curriculums, PYP, IGCSE and IB DP give our students a world focus, one that has them see themselves as global citizens and leaders. Our graduates go out into the world and make a difference, something which we are proud of.

It’s important for our Teachers and Administrators to be able to talk and educate people about our Mission, Values, Ethos along with the physical aspects of the school such as our facilities, environment and of course our world class academic staff, who come from India and many other parts of the world.

Our teachers bring with them a multicultural approach which is there to support our families, many of whom are ex-pats or returning nationals from India.

Following are the dates we are conducting the Open House events. Please contact the school if you wish to attend.


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