Parent’s Testimonials

Parent's Testimonials

We arrived in Bangalore in August 2018 and checked out many schools before realising Trio was the best for our family. We had come from Europe, my children had only been taught in French and German and in the Montessori method and we thought that the transition might be too much for our children. Due to the care and individual support of the teachers, they have thrived and improved beyond recognition from the comparatively low base they started from. The IB PYP programme has ensured a high academic level, including maintenance of their French fluency, whilst having fun; the school has also focussed on principles and being a good citizen. It is smaller than most international schools, which makes it easier to navigate and build great relations between parents, teachers and children alike. As my daughter said after her very first day, ‘Trio isn’t a school, it’s a family!’

Farrah Gillani (Mother of Kieran Gillani Grade 1B & Jasmine Gillani Grade 3B)

The school has many positive sides to it. I am very impressed with the staff and teachers who know all the students very well and that makes it seem homely, like one big family. Teachers have been very helpful with my son and he is progressing really well. TRIO is truly a friendly and caring School. With my experience of many schools, my son really loves his school (TRIO) than any other school. The school tries to make students have fun along with strong academic rigour, placing great emphasis on the student’s well-being and not just grades. I thank all the staff members of TRIO WORLD ACADEMY for making it such a happy place for our children.

-Sheela Nishad (Mother of Nikhil, Grade 8)

I have two children studying the school in “Early Years 1” and “Grade 6”. My children love coming to school. Teachers are extremely loving and caring.
My little one is in Early years; he has picked up English very well. His vocabulary for his age is excellent. He applies logic in every small thing which goes around him. Why it rains, how day and night occurs. He thinks about the environment not wasting water, electricity and believes in recycling. He has become very social, friendly and confident. Credit completely goes to school and his teachers for inculcating these values. I am very happy as a parent. I would congratulate the school for all the efforts and hard work they are putting in for children.

My elder one is in grade 6. She has picked up so well in the middle school in every field be it language, mathematics, sciences, humanities, life skills, public speaking, making presentation on IPAD. Not only academically, teachers also ensure about their behavior, attitude towards life, friends and the way they carry themselves. Teachers are extremely caring and loving. I get regular feedback about my child’s performance. Teachers are very approachable, supportive and understanding. I am very happy as a parent for my kids.

-Ms Priyanka

“With mixed feelings dropped off my first born at Trio boarding in 2016 as days passed just cant tell how content and happy i was to see my son Arya grooming to be the best version of himself .
Mr. Collin has ensured a great balance of fun, studies and discipline in children .
His dedication , selfless attitude to treat every child as his own has created a “Home away from home” for the boarders,It was this environment which motivated us to join Adhithiya my younger son to Trio boarding .
We as parents are proud and happy to see our children emotionally happy and excel with confidence ,discipline and core values which will groom them to be compassionate human beings . My heartfelt thank you to Mr. Collin and the entire team of Trio world academy”.

Dr. Soumya (mother of Arya of Grade 12 and Adhithiya of Grade 10).

Kavya my daughter in nursery joined as a little angel who couldn’t even walk well. Trio has made her enjoy every day in school and not a day does she crib .I want to thank the entire staff who always take the at most care in her well being. Hats off TRIO! You can move mountains!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!

-Anitha & Shivamaran (parent’s of Kavya -Nursery)

The first time I entered the TRIO campus, I got the feeling that there was something special out here. Google had prepared me with the pros and cons. The Trio website itself had equipped me with curriculum knowledge. But when I came here with my 3 year old for the first time, I just felt there was something more.. was it the cleanliness of the place, was it the bright airy campus, the cosy classrooms, the well spoken teachers, the security cameras, the spotless canteen or the comfy bathrooms. I don’t know what it was but I decided that yes this is the right school for my kid. It was one of those gut feeling decisions, which I haven’t ever regretted. Once my daughter became a student here, I saw how much more the school has to offer. The way the teachers don’t just impart knowledge but nurture the spirit of the child. Everything my child learns is through activities. They learn more than just numbers and alphabets. The child is encouraged to question and be inquisitive. They learn to be confident, they learn to be not just another rat in the race. Every child is special, every child is beautiful and thank you TRIO for recognising it and encouraging the children to BE.

-Jyothsna Kedar (parent of Mihika Kedar Early Year 1).

TRIO is a great school .when we moved back from Boston, we were so unsure of where to start our kids schooling .The teachers are fantastic .The entire staff is very friendly .We love the school. Our only request is there should be more awareness about food allergies. There is a doctor on the campus which is a boon .keep up the great work!!!!

-Padmavathi (parent of Ganesh – Grade2 & Ramya – Grade-7).

Trio World Academy continues to prove how much they care about the all student community, not just their grade or academic progress. Myles has shown great improvement as a student compared to his previous school, due largely to the extra attention & consideration from his teachers.

-Mr. Jonathan Magidsohn (Parent of Myles Day Magidsohn-Grade-6)

My son Dhanvin has enjoyed his school ever since he was admitted this year. I feel very happy seeing him always want to go to school. I feel all staff & teachers make this place a wonderful school. It is always nice to see my son associate school with good memories & a bright smile. A lot comforting to have him in Trio. Excellent Teachers!!!! Appreciated the school & glad to see students & Teachers. Enjoy such an awesome comfort zone.

-Dr. Savitha Prakash (parent of Dhanvin-Early Year-2)

Trio has a very different approach as regards to studies since Anjali has joined this school, she has started to love to come to school. First time we have seen her talking nicely of her teachers. She is very passionate about her school & friends. Thank you Trio!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Lakme & Inessing Juddoo (parent of Anjali Pooja Juddoo- Grade-6)

It’s good to have one to one teaching methodology with the teachers & staff who put in a great effort to educate our kids. Way to go!!!!

-Prem Mukundan (Parent of Achinthy Prem –Grade-10)

Trio is a big Relief for me & my son jasraj. The teacher’s staff & headmaster are open to discussion & opinion .I can see positive changes in jasraj ever since he has come here. It’s our second year with Trio. Forever thankful for giving voice to our thoughts dear Trio & its staff.

-Meenal Nigam (parent of Jasraj –Grade-5)

One of our concerns was a good school for our kids during our stay in Bangalore .we found Trio to be much better school than the school they were going to in the US. It is diverse, vibrant, & academically advanced

-Noorullah Akbari (parent of Yosraa –Grade1 & Yomna- Early Year -1)

Trio World Academy is an excellent place to have your child study in .The teacher‘s staff principal everyone is very warm & understanding. I am very happy with the school, especially the teacher’s. No complaints absolutely. Love Trio.

-Vidya Srimurali (parent of Prince Agastya –Ey-1)

Our first year with school has been a fantastic experience so far. I like the approach used by teachers which will cater to all students. My children love to Attened School each day & excited to tell about the school day. Last but not the least, staff member are amazing & super friendly.

-Sowmya Kashyap (Parent of Kartik –Grade-7 & Mahi –Grade-1)

Trio understand their students, tries to help them overcome their weakness in a best possible way. Friend environment keeps parents informed of the activities,& observer every child development. Trio is the best international school with best international standard. Teachers are very co operative with parent, just as they are with the students.

-Vinitha (Parent of Alvin -Nursery)

Trio has very friendly envirovement.Teachers are very nice &always available to help. Kids enjoy Trio.

-Manjinder Kaur (Parent of Dev & Nisaar Kaur-Nursery)

Trio is the best school .I have seen in Bangalore. Infrastructure & friendly environment .All the best for the Success.

-Lekha.L.Singh (Parent of Mahi Singh- Nursery)

Trio is a great school. Teachers & staff areapprochable anytime. Love all the teachers, they are great!!!

-Padmini Niyogi (Parent of Abhishek –Grade-5)

Feeling very good my children have improved a lot amazing improvement .Trio has really helped them work with more confident. I hope same things to continue.

-Manjushree (Parent of Vishnu and Ranak, Grade 1 & Early Year 1)

I would like to convey my appreciation for making the 2012-13 academic school year for my child a pleasant one. My daughter Amreen Aziz Popatiya of year 11 is truly happy with the wonderful and dedicated teachers who have guided her throughout the year.The support and effort by Mr.Clarke, Ms. Jennifer and all her other teachers was remarkable.

-Salma Popatiya

Thank you so much for your wonderful support all these years.We will miss you all.

-Padmajee Balajee – Parent of Aditya

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the management, staff and teacher of Trio who have done a wonderful job. My son’s two years at Trio has been fantastic. Unfortunately, we are relocating to Mumbai in the last week of June. I would like to meet you both in this regard. Is it possible to meet you on the 6th of June or early next week?

I would also like to place on record our enormous gratitude and appreciation for Ms. Keerthi Amin, my son’s teacher. He has been very lucky to have had Ms. Amin as his teacher for two years at Trio. In his early days on the long journey of life, he couldn’t have had a better teacher. She has been kind, firm, patient, sincere and very hard working and the results show!!

-Karthikeyan Muthuswamy – Parent of Nachiketa Muthuswamy

We would like to thank all the Teachers at Trio World Academy & the support staff who had put in their efforts to mold Rena as she is today. We and Rena cherish warm memories of Trio .Rena would truly miss all her Teachers / friends and Co- schoolers.We also take this opportunity to wish Trio World Academy all the very best in their new ventures.

-Pramod Peter- Parent of Reena

Today marks my last day as a Trio mom !This past year has been a good one for me and my daughter as TRIO gave us a nice soft landing in India and education in India.Although it seemed like it took a while for things to settle down initially, they finally did and it was smooth sailing from there on.My child never did complain about going to school because teachers and staff have been very caring and loving towards her.The student teacher ratio was also a plus because each child was given enough time and attention that they needed.Overall it has been a great experience and I wish the school and the staff all the very best for the future!

-Shilpa – parent of Ishanvi Reddy Dandu of year-2.

Best International School in Bangalore, highly disciplined Staff and an amazing Campus. Good combination of Academics and Extra-Curricular Activities. The way of Teaching is totally different and very good, it impacts Children in Right Way.

-Rachita H M

Very happy with my son’s educational instruction there, strikes the right balance with regards to challenging them, the EY2B teachers are excellent and well versed in age appropriate tuition and handling the children’s behavior, value for money given the calibre of the international style teaching.

-Deirdre-Teresa Gilna

An institution that celebrates the uniqueness of each child! Trio is indeed a happy place for every child. The leadership here runs through the school, from the head and each staff member to the students. Way to go Trio!

-Radha Swaminathan

Your precious gems shaped and structured well to be a better citizen of this planet earth

-Kirundanda Ganapathy

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