Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Trio World Academy would like all users of our website to know that we are concerned about your privacy and the security of any personal data that you may supply to us through this web site.

Information we collect

Trio World Academy may collect the following information from its users:

Information you provide to us: You may choose to disclose information including your name, email, address and any additional information

Information that is automatically collected: When you visit the Trio World Academy Website, we may automatically collect non-personally identifiable information, such as information about your hardware devices, your use of the website, and information about the website that referred you to the site.

Information from third parties:Trio World Academy may combine information provided by you with information from third parties, for the purpose of providing you better service. Examples of such information include address verification service or data analytics.

You are not asked to furnish any personal data through this site unless you choose to do so. We cannot ensure confidentiality of any e-mails sent to us. We therefore urge you to not transmit confidential information via e-mail.

How we use the information

By providing your name, address and any additional information, you freely consent to Trio World Academy holding, using and processing your personal data for the purposes set out by the nature of our business and on this website and where necessary. It may also be utilized for the purposes of assessing your potential needs, for marketing research and for marketing to you of services catered by the Trio World Academy

Sharing of your information

Any personal information you provide to Trio World Academy via this website in relation to any request for, or download of information or other services provided by Trio World Academy may be retained and used by Trio World Academy or companies outside Trio World Academy which are approved by us. By providing your information, you consent to the transfer from time to time of your personal data to companies within Trio World Academy wherever they may be located. You likewise agree to Trio World Academy providing it to companies outside of the Group approved by us.

Should the roles for which Trio World Academy holds, uses or processes your personal information change in any direction, you will be advised of such modifications by means of a notice posted on this page so that you are always mindful of what information we gather, how we use it, and under what circumstances we reveal it. At that time you will be granted the chance to refuse to have your personal data held, used or processed for such changed purposes. You agree to accept notification in this manner if you post any data through this website.

If for whatever reason, you are concerned that the personal information maintained at Trio World Academy is not correct or have any queries about privacy policies, please contact us at info[@]

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