Physical Education

Physical Education

Health is a precious asset that continuously needs to be invested in! Physical well being of children can have far-reaching consequences not just on physical and emotional health, but also on their ability to be champions in the various facets of school life. One can imagine the impact of this when they grow up. At Trio, we believe in shaping individuals who are fit and prepared to transform the future.

Our school offers a variety of sporting disciplines to meet a wide range of ability levels. Football, Basketball, Swimming, Touch Rugby, Table tennis, Cricket and Baseball are some of the sports that we offer. Children can also participate in various forms of athletics and gymnastics. Swimming is offered as a structured physical activity to achieve maximum health benefits.

Specialised after-school coaching is offered for many of the sports. The lessons are designed to be simple to grasp and fun. They cater to children of all activity levels. Sports days are organised every year for each of these categories: Nursery to Early Year 1, Early Year 2 to Grade 5 and Middle and High School. The Houses usually have a healthy competition between them for the championship. 

PE is more than just winning trophies and medals. It improves neuro-muscular coordination, reduces stress, improves peer relationships and self-confidence. We cultivate a healthy sense of competition, teamwork, strategy and discipline among the students. When children experience joy as a part of physical activity, they are almost guaranteed to make it a part of their life forever.

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