iPad Programme

iPad Programme

Beginning: Implementing iPads and AppleTechnology

Progressing: Expansion of Tech Integration and Upscaling the Digital Infrastructure

Our Vision in integrating technology:

Trio World Academy owes its success to strong leadership support in integrating iPads and Apple technology. The IT department proactively upgraded the digital infrastructure, installing Apple TVs for an immersive learning environment. This aligns with the school’s vision of a modern, innovative setting, empowering students for a rapidly evolving digital world. The goal of 80% teachers using iOS devices by 2023-24 reflects the school’s commitment to leveraging technology, staying at the forefront of educational innovation. Through Apple technology integration, Trio World Academy fosters creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and digital literacy, equipping students for lifelong learning in the digital age.

Uncharted Horizons, Upcoming Adventures with Technology Integration

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