Trio understands that there is more to music than playing a musical instrument. Our music curriculum has been designed to cultivate a better appreciation of music through a broader and deeper understanding of its nuances. 

The Music Department at Trio follows both the PYP programme from Nursery to Gr 5 which is transdisciplinary, constructivist, integrated and inquiry based, and the guidelines of CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) and the National UK Music curriculum for music for Middle school – Gr 6 to Gr 8. This curriculum has been tailored to meet the needs and abilities of students at Trio. 

We teach students interdisciplinary topics that will enhance and enrich their command over music. This includes musical history, music of various cultures, music theory, and knowledge of instruments, biology and physics related to music. Students are taught to listen, analyze, understand, and appreciate the music they hear. 

Learning a musical instrument is like learning a new language. It requires a daily discipline of practice and repetition of concepts taught in class. We understand that not every student owns a musical instrument. Students are given a basic foundation of music which can help them easily build their abilities. 

Children are taught to use instruments that they can learn quickly & play in an ensemble setting. This helps them understand and apply the concepts of timing, pitch and expression to performing in public.

Students are given ample opportunities to present their talents to the world. We help them select and perfect the genres, songs and instruments that would bring out their best.

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