Japanese Supplementary School (JSS) at TRIO

Japanese Supplementary School (JSS) at TRIO

Japanese Supplementary School (JSS) or Hoshū jugyō kō helps Japanese students and their families around the world stay in touch with and nurture their connection to Japanese culture and identity.
TRIO is proud to serve as a host to the JSS educators, staff, parents, and students at our Sahakarnagar campus.

Significance of JSS

JSS exist all over the globe, in nations where Japanese live and work. As the number of Japanese nationals living outside of Japan is gradually increasing, JSS plays a pivotal role in helping students keep up with the curricula and peers in Japan. It is an initiative supported by the Government of Japan.

What JSS at TRIO offers

JSS at TRIO gives Japanese students living in Bengaluru to get an opportunity to study and bond with each other. Classes and programmes are conducted in the Japanese language. JSS conducts its classes every Saturday of the week at Sahakarnagar.

JSS at TRIO will offer classes from Grades 1 to 9. They will provide their own course and study material for students, as used in the schools in Japan. The course material is approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The classes will be conducted by trained JSS instructors. Special events will also be conducted at the school that will help students stay in touch with their culture.

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