Theatre is a magical and dynamic art form that lets one express and experience all that is human. Trio World Academy’s theatre programme helps children discover the simple joys of wholesome fun & unfettered expression which was enjoyed by previous generations who lacked the distractions of modern gadgets. The programme enhances a wide spectrum of student’s skills such as confidence, presence of mind, enunciation, clarity of thought and speech, creativity, and risk-taking ability.

Any knowledge that is acquired through a spirit of play & entertainment stays with us for a very long time. The programme has been put together by an expert team of artists, psychologists and content creators. The programme combines enriching games and entertaining workshops. Students have an opportunity to study and understand the principles of this art form from the perspective of an actor, writer, director and the audience.

Students gain a better understanding of their own minds, emotions and senses, as well as their surroundings. They earn a chance to connect & collaborate with others in a manner that is not experienced in any other medium of learning. They can discover new talents & aspects of their personality.

Theatre is conducted from Grade 2 to 8. Considering the positive impact that theatre has on our students, one period is dedicated every week towards theatre apart from its usual place among the Extracurricular Activities.

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