Student’s Testimonials

Student's Testimonials

“My experience at Trio Boarding school, as a troubled kid who went from living his whole life in England to suddenly living in a boarding school in India. Trio really made it easy for me. Boarding was a brilliant place to be, it had the perfect balance of everything from sports, to studies to personal time. Mr Collin the boarding head, was an amazing mentor, teaching us from right to wrong. He changed the way I am as a person, he taught us to be more disciplined, supported us though every step in school and he effectively made us utilised all our potentials. Along with that the school was an even better place. Overall I’m grateful my parents put me in this school.”

Pruthvi Bellary of Grade 12

International Baccalaureate and Trio World Academy were astonishing, so many options to choose from according to my interests and academic strengths.

— Jun Hyung Lim. Grade: 12

Doing the IB is known for its workload, however, doing it at Trio World Academy without a doubt gave me exposure to what being an adult would be like. Subject choice helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and inspired me to become far more civic-minded. Thank you, Trio, for the opportunity.

— Ria. Grade: 12

Doing the IB Diploma at Trio World Academy has given me new skills, allowed me to find and follow my passions through the CAS programme and created a balance in my school life. I now have skills in global engagement, and beating difficult challenges which are two outcomes I got from CAS. 

— Aman. Grade: 12

 I have reaped many benefits from doing the IB programme at Trio World Academy, including greater life balance, and choosing subjects of interest. Along with that, I have gained these additional skills for my post-education life such as communication and research. What I have learned will be with me for life. 

— Manav. Grade: 12

IB is an inquisitive programme and it improves critical thinking and analysis. The time and dedication that the IB programme demands is rigorous and it brings out the best in those who commit to it.

— Abhijeet

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