English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

The ESL curriculum at Trio is global in content and technology driven. iPads and technology aid learning opportunities for our ESL students, making content more accessible, project based, and language learning more achievable.

This programme offers the students a learning environment that is supportive and inclusive. Every day is a step forward, as we see that the students are able to gradually and confidently express themselves in a new language.

Primary: PYP

Our ESL programme at Trio caters to students who are not yet prepared to attend language-intensive courses in the mainstream classroom. Courses are designed to provide students with a comfortable yet challenging environment where they can practice and enhance the skills required to ultimately manage independently in mainstream language arts classes.

All ESL classes are equalised, so that students can progress at the appropriate pace. Small class sizes afford students and teachers ample time to focus on vital skills in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, depending on individual needs. With our diverse student population, we have students joining us from various backgrounds in English, ranging from complete beginners to students transferring from schools where English has been the main language of instruction. Therefore, at TRIO World Academy we have a dedicated ESL team experienced in all levels of proficiency whose goal is to ensure that students can advance not only academically, but also so that they can acquire the language needed for day-to-day communication and routines in an English-speaking school.

Middle School:

The Middle Years ESL Programme is available to all students requiring additional language support. Students are assessed in terms of their current level of English proficiency and placed accordingly. Our ESL teachers work with students on reading, writing, listening, speaking, role plays and discussions on the topics taught in the class which support students to become proficient in all areas. Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 have six 40-minute periods per week of ESL support. Students achieve a proficient level.

High School:

The Secondary School at Trio World Academy, Bangalore is an enthusiastic and energetic environment with a diversity of choices aimed at fulfilling the school’s mission of providing a well-rounded education. We place an emphasis on academic rigour and a pastoral system which offers strong support and encourages students to do their best, to meet challenges and develop independence.

IGCSE English as a Second Language (0511)

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International Education

 This course offers learners the opportunity to gain lifelong skills and knowledge including a better communicative ability in English; an improved ability to understand English in a range of everyday situations and in a variety of social registers and styles; a greater awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills in a wider international perspective.

 Entry Guidance:

 This course is for students who require support with language development and is an ideal course for those who are proficient in one language, and who need to develop their English proficiency.

 Course Aims

 This course will enable learners to:

 Course Content:

Learners will be presented with a variety of stimuli that will build up their skills in reading and writing. They will learn to select relevant details, understand the difference between what is directly stated and implied, and practice writing for different purposes and audiences. In addition, learners will listen to a range of spoken material, including talks and conversations, in order to develop listening skills and skills in responding to different situation and audiences with a degree of accuracy and clarity.

What does the subject lead to in the IBDP Programme?

 The course leads effectively into IB English B Standard Level and Higher Level, or IB English A Standard Level. with the intention of providing a broad and balanced curriculum, which provides an excellent foundation for the Senior Studies programme. Senior Students follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme.

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