The TRIO library is a lively and flourishing hub of learning, reflection and potential ‘eureka’ moments. We have worked with our educators to carefully curate a wide selection of print as well as digital reading resources for our student and teacher community. Our aim is to create the pioneers and leaders of the future. We drive that process by creating young learners who are self-reliant, self-directed and think independently.

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

― Harry S. Truman

The library provides a unified platform for continuous knowledge absorption and interaction between students, their peers, and teachers. Our resources cater to students of all age groups, interests, and capabilities.

A highly organised and logically arranged set of printed resources are available to the TRIO community. These meet the needs of all curricula that are followed at TRIO. The librarians make sure that the library resources are utilised responsibly by all.

We have a wide variety of educational resources for our teachers from a broad range of authors, publications, languages, and topics. They have an opportunity to update their knowledge and in turn, give their best while educating students. Parents are also welcome to use our library and its resources.

Literacy Week is an annual event at Trio. During this week, National and International author visits, Storytelling sessions, Book fairs and other related programmes are organised to inculcate reading habit in students.

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