Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is the natural progression from the aims, value, ethos and policies of Trio World Academy. It outlines specific behaviour targets that allow us all to measure our attitudes and actions. As such, they are required to be specific, clear and concise. 

What follows are the behaviours that TRIO expects of its students. The list below is laid out for various areas of the school and its environs and we as a school feel proud to exhibit these to our peers and to the community. Good behaviour is an expectation of our parents and staff and most certainly of the public when we are away from the school in uniform.

Trio World Academy believes that all students have the right to learn and Trio has a responsibility to contribute to a safe, positive and productive learning environment. We believe in promoting effective communication, treating each other with respect, reinforcing the link between choice and consequences, responsibility of the individual and of the group and working collaboratively with parents.

We believe in giving students opportunities to develop appropriate behaviours, self-control and resilience through interactions with teachers and other staff and through the curriculum where it needs to be reinforced consistently in a manner which enhances their understanding of responsible social behaviour.

Be Kind
Ensure schedules are kept
Help keep our school clean
Ask before borrowing
Include safety
Open our minds to learning
Use electronic devices appropriately
Respect people, equipment and our environment

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