The importance of sports goes beyond serving as mere extracurricular activities. Competitive physical activities keep students mentally fresh and physically fit. Sports do not get in the way of academics as is the commonly held belief! It, in turn, enhances the abilities of students to work in teams and solve problems collectively. Children learn to give their best in the face of winning or losing. Sports inculcate discipline and perseverance. Scenarios from the playing field can be used as metaphors for tackling challenges in other areas of life.

Trio offers the following sporting activities:


Trained and experienced coaches have been appointed for each sporting discipline. High-quality, well-maintained infrastructure has been put into place. We believe in giving each student the chance to try all sports. Children of varying strengths & abilities are encouraged to try their hand at different activities. Great care and attention is given to health and hygiene during sports hour. Our staff ensures that students avoid injuries and overtraining.

Students whose performances have been exceptional are selected to represent the school. Trio periodically organises inter school competitions to foster healthy competition between students from different schools.

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