Trial Days

Trial Days

We at TRIO, work hard to make school fun, enjoyable and hassle-free for our students and parents. But we must admit school can be hard, and adjusting to a new school after leaving behind your old one is even more challenging!

Why your child should explore Trial Days?

Relocation is tough on families and even tougher on the children. A planned relocation can be as difficult to navigate as one arising from unforeseen circumstances. Children might struggle with the process of adjusting to a different country, curriculum, culture, and environment. They might have left behind close friends during the relocation and feel like they don’t belong in a new place yet. Both the parents as well as the child may be experiencing a culture shock. 

A school environment that provides a solid, consistent framework and the flexibility to tailor students’ education according to their culture and context could make a world of difference to such a child’s life. 

Our experienced and professional teachers have taught several students who have faced these challenges. They are here to understand your child, support them and help them come out happy, well-adjusted, and enthusiastic on the other side of the change.

Trial Days are an exciting new experience which will help us help your child seamlessly acclimatise to the new school environment. 

What are Trial Days?

Trial days at TRIO would help your child experience life at the heart of an international school., classroom lessons, the chance to interact and learn from our amazing teachers, lunch hour, art, music, sports, extracurricular activities, and so much more, just like our regular students.

We also believe that Parent and Children should experience International School curriculum and culture before you admit your child.

Note: Trial days are FREE of cost and will be offered for two days.

How will Trial Days help?

Trial days will help your child acclimatize to our international school culture, connect with community, and find like-minded friends.

Who are Trial Days for?

Trial days are for students of all grades except grade 10 & 12, who have studied in other curricula and would like to experience international schooling at TRIO. 

Application process

Parents can express their interest in Trial Days by sending an email to the admissions officer at, call them at +91 9663041122 or reach out to our front desk on +91 080 40611222. 

Please note that the availability of Trial Days is dependent on the outcome of a thorough review process and demands of the regular school schedule. 

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