Head Of The School

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking your time out to visit the Trio World Academy website. The process of selecting an international school for a child is crucial yet very challenging to navigate. Students careers and dreams must be guided by responsible and expert minds through compassionate listening and gentle correction of mistakes. A globally oriented education is becoming more relevant by the day as technology tears down geographic barriers faster than ever. An international education is all about setting and following global standards in whatever we do and at the same time being sensitive to each other’s cultural differences, beliefs and thought processes.

Trio is a place where learners from all over the world converge. It is a privilege to provide them with a nourishing and conducive atmosphere where the seeds of brilliant ideas and potential germinate.

Our students undergo a collaborative and futuristic learning experience. We want students to dream beyond what they think is possible and achieve it. That demands that we develop in them the thirst to seek out knowledge, the knack to choose what is appropriate and the ability to apply it.

We at Trio, believe in continuous innovation that is centred on an unwavering commitment to our core values of Leadership, Discipline, Academic Excellence and Service. We expect commitment, discipline and hard work from our students, teachers and staff. To allow for this, we take pride in offering cutting edge facilities, a secure, vibrant and growth-oriented atmosphere.

Even after 23 years in teaching and school administration, one is required to constantly push the limits of teaching methodologies and mindsets. I have served Trio as the Director of Academics from August 2014. I have had the grand privilege of serving as a faculty and head of department at prestigious Welham Boys’ school, Dehradun for over 10 years as well as the Vice Principal of the Indus International School, Bangalore. I have also served as Head of Gandhi Memorial International School in Bali, Indonesia, one of the finest IB world schools in Asia Pacific

It is an honour to apply these varied experiences and skills in the service of Trio.

I wish to thank you once again for visiting our website. We take pride in being extremely open minded about suggestions and feedback. We welcome you to visit our school to dive into its wonderful culture.

Head of School

Vinod Singh 
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