Hindi as a modern foreign language is important for the students to learn as this gives them the knowledge of this major language which is spoken in India. Hindi is taught in classes in which the students learn how to hold a conversation as well as read and write. The students are also encouraged to read books written in Hindi and familiarise themselves with the great Hindi authors.


I am always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that students acquire accurate knowledge of concepts in grammar, vocabulary and phonetics at the foundational level by implementing Differentiated, Inquiry-based, and cross-thematic teaching. I also insist on only conversing in Hindi in the classes.


We celebrate “Language and Literacy Week” every year as per the calendar on this website. We play games which students like. We do debates, and reading,  as well as writing speed tests to better understand their level etc.  Classes organised online were initially tough as conducting language education is different to other subjects. Language requires being physically present to make the best environment for learning, however, the students rose to the challenge and have surpassed all expectations and are continuing to do well.

Students’ results  have been outstanding, the best in the last 3 years. I’m very proud of the students for working so hard. The students who had low grades when joining my Hindi class passed out with top grades.

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