School Counselling

School Counselling

What is School Counselling?

School counselling is a programme in which a trained professional counsellor provides support, gives encouragement and teaches skills in the areas of personal, social, academic and career development. A school counsellor also helps students emotionally and socially so that they can perform to the fullest potential at school tasks.

The following counselling services are available to all students:
Other normal developmental issues that could be dealt with by group counselling are:
Things that can be dealt with at the classroom level are:
How does counselling work at Trio World Academy?

Students are first referred to the counsellor for a variety of reasons which may include:

The counsellor will then have a meeting with the teacher to gain more information about the problem. The counsellor will also meet with other teachers who are dealing with the student to get all round feedback about the student and ascertain if the behaviour is limited to one class or is seen by all teachers. Thereafter, the counsellor will have a classroom observation session, where they will observe the student in class to assess the behavior and the seriousness of the behaviour. The counsellor then will have an informal one-on-one session with the student to assess the problem behaviour and decide on the best course of action to help the student.

Interventions can be peer interventions, classroom support, class interventions, group counselling and individual counselling. If a student is chosen for individual or group counselling the counsellor will call the parents or primary caregivers to gain parental consent. No counselling and therapy services will be provided without parental consent.

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