Student Council

Student Council

Knowledge is power & unity is strength. A great student council utilises knowledge and the collective abilities of students for the well-being and progress of the student community.

The Trio Student Council is the representative body of students. It promotes the ideal that one can sustain positive changes only through active participation and leadership. A council member’s duty is to be acutely aware of student needs & concerns. Each student leader is expected to be aware of council regulations & maintain integrity, and good conduct.

Roles & responsibilities of student council members.

Trio World Academy appoints School Captain/s, House Captains, Cultural Captain, Sports Captain and Academic Captain for every academic year.

The School Captain/s of the school are chosen to represent the Trio student body in school events as well as external events. The candidates selected for this position serve as role models for the student community. They must exhibit impeccable behaviour, discipline and good academic performance.

House Captains are appointed for each of our 4 houses: Thames, Nile, Ganges, and Amazon. The captain of each house is responsible for maintaining a sense of unity and harmony among the house members. They are required to encourage healthy competition among the different houses. They organise various house activities.

The Cultural Captain is in-charge of planning and organising cultural activities and in-charge of activity clubs of the school.

The Sports Captain is responsible for improving the quality of sports activities at Trio in co-operation with the Sports Department and would oversee forming teams, improving participation, fostering healthy competition and encouraging good training practices.

The Academic Captain serves as a role model for the improvement of academics. His/her responsibility is to mentor students & help them adopt better study and learning practices.

PYP Student Council

Trio World Academy’s dynamic Primary Years Programme (PYP) Student Council elevate student voices and foster leadership skills at the primary school level. Designed to empower students and promote a sense of ownership within our school community, the PYP Student Council serves as a platform for young minds to actively contribute to decision-making processes. Trio encourages students from very early on to be a part of this transformative journey, where leadership meets learning, and we build a vibrant, student-driven community. 

Through engaging initiatives and collaborative projects, council members develop essential leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, laying the foundation for a future generation of confident, responsible global citizens. Joining the PYP Student Council is not just an opportunity for personal growth; it is a chance for students to make a tangible impact on their educational experience, shaping a school environment that reflects their unique perspectives and aspirations.



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