Trio World Academy Student Boarding Process – Simply the Best

Trio World Academy Student Boarding Process – Simply the Best

Trio World Academy (TWA) provides an excellent Boarding facility for parents and guardians who find this convenient, there are several options available ranging from Full Boarding to a Weekday Option, however we are here to assist so if there is something you need then please contact us and we can discuss.

Boarding at TWA has proved to be both a wonderful social experience for our students, but also the students in Boarding have excellent academic results and write with fondness of their time with us. We help your child prepare for an independent life, an opportunity to prepare for University or College living in a supportive and caring environment.

Students are overseen by an experienced and caring Boarding Supervisor who ensures that all their needs are met, that their learning is supported and that they get plenty of exercise.

Currently our Boarding Hostel, which is located within our Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore Campus is only available to male students between the ages of 13 and 18 years.

We offer shared 2 or 3 person rooms in a well-appointed secure area on the top floor of one of our school buildings. Within this floor we offer accommodation, toilet and bathroom, Recreation room, and a Tutorial room all in a bright, well-lit and safe environment.

Healthy and nutritious food is prepared by our kitchen, transport off campus where required is in our modern fleet of school buses, healthcare if required is nearby or provided by the school nursing staff.

Trips off campus are planned regularly to allow the students to see more of the area or to do shopping.

We are rightly proud of our Boarding facilities and the support provided there.

Boarding is an adventure in which you are protected by caring people.

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Contact: +91 80 40611222 / +91 9741124443

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