Should my child go to an international school?

Should my child go to an international school?

When moving abroad or within a country, one of your biggest concerns will be helping your children settle down into their new lives. With a new location comes the challenges of finding new schools, leaving behind old friends and making new ones, figuring out whom to trust, and a host of other stressors. Even if you have no such plans, you may be looking for a new school for your child. One of the important choices you will be making is between state, national and international curriculum based schools.

Studying in a state/national curriculum based schools has its advantages. The curriculum is more widespread, academically less rigorous, has many parallels to entrance exam syllabi, and comes at a relatively lower cost and there are enough schools in each city or village offering our national curriculum.
CIE and IB schools are setting a high bar in education for a competitive world by bridging the gap between a global quality education and the Indian educational milieu. International schools in Bangalore offer high calibre programmes like Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) that are followed around the world and recognised widely by universities.

When international school students move out of the school, they will carry with them skills, experiences and knowledge that can help them adapt to a new location with far more ease than a student with a non-international schooling background.

International school students are much better prepared for college and work life. They are equipped with a higher level of skills in communication, inquiry, time management, organisation, and interpersonal intelligence.

International schools are more likely to invest in and utilize modern technology to help students accelerate their learning and assist parents in becoming more involved in their child’s education.

International schools offer community service programmes, structured extracurricular activities and sports with better infrastructure, professional sports coaching, opportunities to compete in competitions with the world’s best institutions, and interesting field trips

International school students cultivate an open-mindedness that comes from being exposed to  global cultures.

International school curricula offer a variety of paths for pursuing a future career. Students can select a combination of subjects that suit their interests and strengths.

Students are given opportunities to gain a strong command over the English language. They can hone their writing, reading, speaking and presentation skills and explore literary works from different cultures and eras.

International schools offer Indian and Foreign languages in their curriculum, encouraging multilingualism.

Teachers of international schools are more accustomed to helping students adjust to new environments in case they struggle.

Whether you choose to enroll your child in an international school or not, your final decision must be based on the specific needs of your child. If you do decide to enroll your child in an IGCSE / IB school, ensure that you pick the best international school for your child.

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