TRIO World Academy (TWA) celebrates the spirit of multiculturalism and diversity of their student community on International Mindedness Day

TRIO World Academy (TWA) celebrates the spirit of multiculturalism and diversity of their student community on International Mindedness Day

The occasion saw his Excellency Mr. Katsumasa Maruo, the Deputy Consul General of Japan as the Guest of Honour.

Mr. Harsha Vardhan, Commissioner for GST and Customs was one of the guests at the event.

September 28, 2022, Bengaluru:
Students and staff of TRIO World Academy (TWA), Bengaluru based international school, came together to celebrate International Mindedness Day on the morning of September 28 th 2022, on the TWA campus. The school is home to students from 22 nationalities.


The aim of the multi-cultural festival was to focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals relating to the Environment and Peace. 193 countries got together at the UN in September 2015 to commit>to measures that would help achieve global sustainable development. A total of 17 goals were agreed upon by the nations including climate action, zero hunger, gender equality, quality education, affordable and clean energy.

The students organised a parade on the occasion. Various music, singing, dance and fashion shows celebrating world cultures and nationalities were organised. Fusion dances of dance forms from around the world as well as dances celebrating the local culture and language were performed at the event. Line Dance, Country Music, French Fashion Show, Country Road Singing, Kannada and Hindi Dance performances, Korean and English Song performances were all attractions of the event.

Food stalls of cuisine from countries including India, Japan, USA, UK, France, Spain, and UAE were setup.

A group of parents of Japanese students of TWA participated in the program and put up a dance performance as part of the event. The Japanese food stall was their initiative.

Mr. Harsha Vardhan (Commissioner for GST and Customs) spoke eloquently about the need for people to take far more care of the planet and each other. He quoted the Dalai Lama who said that compassion was the radicalism of our time. Mr. Vardhan went on to speak of the need for love and care for all living things, highlighting the need to protect forests because without them Earth becomes untenable for us all.

TWA students also spoke directly to him with their own views and concerns about a future, after which he said of them, that “they were our future, if the seed of compassion had already been planted then they will grow to be citizens who will make a difference.

His speech was an impassioned plea for us all to take greater care of all living things as we are all interconnected within the environment in which we live.

In his closing words he started by quoting the Dalai Lama “Compassion is the radicalism of our time” and went on to say “It’s compassion that will lead to Mindedness”. Then he used one of the most prescient quotes of our time “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world shall have peace” (Jimi Hendrix)

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