International School students hosted Sports Day for Government school

International School students hosted Sports Day for Government school

Bengaluru, 29th February 2020:
In a bid to bring smiles to the students and contribute their physical health, six students from TRIO World Academy, as part of their International Baccalaureate Creativity Activity Service program, organized sports day for students of Government Primary School, Kodigehalli, North Bengaluru studying in 5th and 6th class. 

As a part of this initiative 60 students took part from the government school and participated in various sports activities like Soccer matches, Relay races, Circuit training race, Tug-o-War and various other athletic events. The six students from Trio World Academy studying in 11th grade were actively involved in organising the sports day event for these kids and were also behind this idea to provide a platform for the children to put forth their sporting skills. 

The school has always strived to inculcate and impart the importance of community service from the root level. The motto behind such event is to express the social responsibility among children, that should be inculcated among children from the very first stage onwards. Apart from this event, the students of Trio World Academy have taken up the initiative of teaching subjects like Maths and English for the students to help them in coping up with the subjects in a better way. 

“At a very young age when children interact with people from different backgrounds it gives them exposure and makes them think before taking in a decision. This activity is to develop that rapport among children and encourage students from different backgrounds. At Trio it has always been our vision to inculcate all the positive characteristics and develop social responsibility among students and teach them about sustainable learning” said Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, TRIO World Academy. 

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