Crossing all the barriers of quarantine, Trio World Academy is connecting to their students using creative and digital platforms

Crossing all the barriers of quarantine, Trio World Academy is connecting to their students using creative and digital platforms

13th May 2020, Bangalore:
Trio World academy amid the lockdown is conducting classes and is indulging their students productively using digital platforms and creative curriculum. The students are attending these online sessions with full enthusiasm and this has enhanced the confidence of the teachers, who have worked real hard for the kids to build up a curriculum that make online learning a joyous ride. 

Trio World Academy, has been grooming their students using various online platforms, software and technologies like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, Web-Ex -Cisco, Edmodo for assignments and parent – teacher interaction, Audio visual power point presentation, what’s app groups, video conferencing throughout the lockdown to keep students positively engaged in all the activities.

 The teachers have worked towards an innovative and engaging curriculum for their students. The ongoing curriculum is not only focusing on academic development of the child, but it also helps the child in diverting their minds. The students are being involved in many extracurricular activities based classes like yoga, Zumba, painting, digital art, music lessons and dance, baking, science based models with waste products, online quizzes, art assignments which involves creativity and out of the box imagination are helping us with retaining the child’s attention, keeping their spirits high.

Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio World Academy, said, “The current situation has definitely disrupted our day to day activities. But we need to accustom ourselves to the new living conditions. At Trio we try to inculcate adaption to all the situations and conditions to our students. Virtual and visual classes in another way that we adopted to build our kids in a strong way. I’m also glad to add to this that the maximum credit goes to our teaching team, who have worked rigorously for building this curriculum for the kids.” 

While the teachers are focusing on pure academics for higher grades, middle and primary grades students are being brushed on their pervious classes and also being engaged in overall developmental activities. 

The school is now preparing itself for post-lockdown guidelines which is focusing on strict No touch and sharing policies, and other such reforms that will safe guard the personal hygiene of the students and staff at Trio World Academy. 

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