9-year-old Aarav Nallur of TRIO World Academy clears Cambridge IGCSE class 10 exam

9-year-old Aarav Nallur of TRIO World Academy clears Cambridge IGCSE class 10 exam

Aarav attempted the IGCSE during his Class 3 and secured an ‘A’ grade

August 14th, 2019, Bengaluru:
Aarav Nallur a student of Class 3 at TRIO World Academy (TWA), an international school located at Bengaluru, cleared the Class 10 International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) mathematics examination conducted by Cambridge. He secured an ‘A’ Grade.

Aarav is a prodigy at mathematics with a higher-than-average IQ for his age. After discussion with the school, a high school mathematics teacher at TRIO helped him prepare for the IGCSE mathematics exams. He did this by attending mathematics classes for Class 9 and 10 as well as his own Class 3 periods.

Aarav’s mother Divya Nallur said, “He spent an hour every day studying for this exam and was given specialised coaching every weekend for two hours by a home tutor.” Aarav aspires to be a mathematician.

Mr. Naveen KM, Managing Director, TRIO World Academy said “We are immensely proud of Aarav Nallur’s achievements. Being a nine-year-old kid and scoring such superior results in the Grade 10 examinations is very unusual. He is an inspiration to other students as well.”

Sudhir Prasad, Aarav’s mathematics teacher said, “I am extremely pleased with Aarav’s dedication. He put in a lot of efforts to understand and practice math concepts that are advanced for his level. His impressive results are an outcome of his hard work.”

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