Is your child stressed out because of his school or you?

Is your child stressed out because of his school or you?

Let’s take a look at our children today. We parents strongly believe that we are giving them the best of everything and training them to be the best version of themselves, but, let’s think again. Are we?? Really??

Gone are the days when coming home after school meant going out and playing until we were forced to come in because it was late. School meant meeting friends and planning the next evening of fun. It was hoping that the teacher is absent, it was looking forward to free periods and turning in our home work at the nth moment.

Our parents advised and lectured us, but little did we listen. Well, some did and it anyway paid off for all in the long run. We were never pressurized into doing activities or nailed under the expectations of fueling someone else’s dream. Unfortunately, how many children can agree to this today? They are sent to innumerable activities after school, and enrolled in classes they do not wish to attend. Every parent now wants their child to excel in every field. Every parent wants their child to do what they were unable to. Every parent is hoping to fulfil their

dreams through their child. Is that fair? We adults cannot manage to work a nine-hour shift, then get home and do the household chores, cater to everyone’s needs and go to bed at night without complaining. Yet, our children spend the whole day at school, which by no means is easy with the extensive competition, extra and co-curricular activities, additional assessments, and peer pressure, and come home before going for tuitions, extra classes and co-ordinated activities after which they have a lot of homework to finish before retiring to bed. And somehow, we still assume that they have a carefree and less stressful life.

We often take the liberty to say that children are doing a lot in school and, yes, they are. All schools cater to a child’s holistic development. They nurture the child and help develop all possible skills exposing him to innumerable activities and opportunities to learn. Why, then, do parents insist on their child having the edge over other children??

Yes, children are made to put in their best efforts and invest their time in school, where they are challenged to work to their best ability, and therefore need to relax once they get home.

So, keeping in mind the child’s needs, abilities and interests, both parents and teachers must cater to what’s best for a child to grow while being nurtured and less stressed.

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