How to prepare before starting with IB DP

How to prepare before starting with IB DP

If you are a student who has enrolled into the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) or the parent of a future IB DP student, you can be assured that commitment to the programme lets one chart a steady course towards university. The IBO also collaborates with certain universities for developing recognition policies for accepting IB graduates.

According to the IBO, DP a student has the option of selecting courses from six subject groups, three of which will be taken at standard level (SL) and three at higher level (HL), with two mandatory languages.

The compulsory core comprises of

  • Theory of knowledge(TOK)
  • Extended essay
  • Creativity, activity and service

Preparing for the IB DP

Studying the syllabus: Obtaining a syllabus beforehand from your school is a great way to familiarise yourself with what you will be studying during your IB DP years.

Language and literature: IB lets you deepen your expertise in a language you have a strong command over, through studies in language and literature. One also has the option of obtaining a bilingual diploma by opting for studies in language and literature in 2 languages. A student can explore the type of literary texts that will be analysed for this purpose.

An IB DP student also has to read, analyse and assimilate works studied in translation. By exploring such works well in advance, with the help of a good quality translation, a student can grasp the delicacy of interpreting a translated work and prepare for their assessments in the same.

Examination pattern and schedule: The IBO publishes sample examination papers and the examination schedule for the forthcoming sessions on its website. The availability of these details beforehand will help you make long term plans for your school work as well as your university placement preparations.

Managing deadlines: Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a mandatory component of the IB DP Programme. TOK assessment consists of an oral presentation and a 1600 word essay. The extended essay component of the core requires the student to produce a 4000 word long essay, which is self-directed and based on their own research. The school will set deadlines based on the IB guidelines. Each of these essays require considerable time and effort. Planning ahead will help you step into IB DP with confidence.

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