Choosing the best international boarding school in Bangalore

Choosing the best international boarding school in Bangalore

What to look for in a boarding school

International schools in Bangalore that offer boarding are a convenient option for families who travel often on work, seek to avoid the commute to a great school or simply want to give their children the valuable experience of an international boarding school. Boarding schools offer dormitories or rooms where students can live while they undergo schooling. Students are provided facilities like study rooms, and dining halls. They are constantly under the supervision of house parents, and teachers.

Misconceptions about boarding / residential schools

Boarding schools in popular culture are often shown as places of oppression or troubled minds. Contrary to this image, many international boarding schools provide a healthy and wholesome environment for students. They help prepare children for a highly successful life, beyond academics. A boarding or residential school is much more than a place for students to eat, study and rest, after their regular school hours.

Characteristics of a good International boarding school

Academics: The residential environment should match the academic rigor, mental stimulation and discipline that the classroom provides. Continuity is maintained between the curriculum taught at school and the studies happening at the study room back at the hostel. A healthy, supportive and homely environment is cultivated.

Discipline: A good boarding school ensures that discipline is enforced in a humane, transparent and gentle manner. There must be a good balance between scheduled study periods and free/personal time.

Self-reliance and independence: Boarding schools are some of the best spaces for children to learn how to be responsible for themselves.  Students are encouraged to cultivate initiative, self-discipline, cleanliness, financial prudence, time management, conflict resolution, organizational skills and more, while enjoying the security of a structured environment

Interdependence and cooperation: A good boarding environment ensures harmony among students of a multicultural community. Living closely with children from a variety of cultural backgrounds could help students expand horizons, develop empathy, learn new languages and cultivate respect for other cultures. They also learn skills like cooperation, assertiveness and negotiation.

Health and safety: Boarding schools must offer round the clock availability of first aid / nurse / doctor for immediate response in case of illness, injuries or accidents. Nutritious food is also important for the needs of growing children.

Sports: Ample opportunities for practicing sports, spaces to stay physically active and fit are a must for any boarding school.

Comfortable living spaces: Children thrive in spaces that feel safe, cheerful and welcoming. A good boarding school will ensure that a room or dorm is occupied by an appropriate number of students and discourages overcrowding. The rooms must be comfortable, livable and well-maintained. Children must feel eager to go back to their rooms every day after school.

Communication: Parents and guardians must be treated as an integral part of the boarding school experience. Communication with parents must take place regularly.

Boarding school is where children can make incredible memories. If you are looking for an IB authorized school that offers Boarding in Bangalore, we invite you to look up TRIO World Academy’s full, weekly or flexi-boarding facilities(IB boarding school in Bangalore). TWA has been home to students from over 55 countries including Thailand, Korea, Bangladesh, and Nepal. TWA offers comfortable, air-conditioned rooms for students from Grade 5 to Grade 12. We also offer English as a Second Language(ESL) support for non-native speakers of the language.

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