Best International Boarding schools in Bangalore

Best International Boarding schools in Bangalore

Trio World Academy is one of the most prominent international day and boarding schools in Bangalore to offer IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), Cambridge Secondary 1, IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme (IB DP). The PYP of International Baccalaureate Organization prepares students for international-mindedness, and independent learning from the pivotal early years. Cambridge Secondary 1 is an internationally recognized curriculum for the middle school years. The versatility of Cambridge Secondary 1, combined with high-quality assessments, provides for the vital transition to IGCSE or other curricula. Trio offers Cambridge IGCSE, a time honored international curriculum, that is widely respected by universities and employers around the globe.

Trio’s school curriculum and methodology are enriched by the experiences and expertise that has been brought together by our educators over the years. Yet, as international educators, the responsibility of reinventing education for a new era is inescapable. It demands that all of us cultivate a high level of adaptability and resilience, and model that for our students. We continue to meet this imperative and uphold the highest standards for all students and staff, as an IB school in Bangalore.

In a world where technology is reshaping our interpersonal connections and businesses at a breakneck pace, we can no longer enforce antiquated ways of teaching. Children of today acquire a digital citizenship sooner than any of the prior generations and we must be prepared to lead them well.The ability to merely solve mathematical problems, ace competitive exams or master public speaking, at which our students become remarkably proficient anyway, is insufficient.

At Trio, every child is encouraged to own up their strengths and use them to make a difference. Technology is harnessed as a tool that makes them learn better and in turn, empowers them to create a better world around them.

Trio aims to become one of the best International schools in Bangalore that continue to produce well- informed, courageous, independent and caring global citizens. Our institution is an inclusive platform that is welcoming to students and families of every cultural background. We offer exceptional infrastructure and resources for learning, where students can be fearless and innovative.

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