Trio World Academy celebrates Spring Fest and Art Exhibition

Trio World Academy celebrates Spring Fest and Art Exhibition

“Spring has sprung, the grass has ris” (Anon), “we all know where Trio World School is”

This seemed like an excellent way to start to speak of the Trio World Academy Spring Fest and Primary Art Exhibition.  This was an event attended by many of the parents of the school and it proved unequivocally that our parents do know where we are and that their enthusiastic response supported our belief that they are happy to be here, to be part of our renaissance, our “spring”.

One day in spring, a woman came. In my lonely woods,In the lovely form of the Beloved.Came, to give to my songs, melodies,To give to my dreams, sweetness.Suddenly a wild wave Broke over my heart’s shores And drowned all language.

With these words Rabindranath Tagore evoked spring in his poem “One Day in Spring” and for Trio World School Spring Fest 2012 was the “Came, to give to my songs, melodies. To give to my dreams, sweetness.”  Spring is the new beginning, a time of growth, freshness and joy and this was so evident on the faces of our Primary School children and within the audience.

The sounds of laughter and singing, the happy smiling faces brought enthusiastic responses from all.

With Ugadi  also being celebrated around this time and meaning “the beginning of a new age” this also seemed a fitting celebration, a celebration of song, dance and art, the epitome of India and of the creative nature that lies within Trio World SchoolBangalore.

The hour long concert and exhibition of art and sculpture is a credit to the school’s Primary Music and Art departments and is a chance for them to showcase the many budding talents of our children.

By the end “spring had definitely sprung’ and the level of joy and happiness had “ris”

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