Little hands trying to raise a devastated Japan from the dead

Little hands trying to raise a devastated Japan from the dead

Students in Bangalore don’t want to be left behind when the entire world is opening up their hearts and coffers to aid Japan in its hour of worst crisis. They want to do their bit for the country that has been battling earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear threat. Many city schools have come up with initiatives to chip in and do their bit for the victims and survivors.

At Trio World Academy, the students are working on a fundraiser. They intend to make the best use of Holi, which they are celebrating on Friday, by selling water guns and other products, the proceeds of which will go to the Red Cross to support their work there. A bake sale will also be organised to facilitate the purpose.

St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School, conducted a prayer service and is also encouraging students little hands trying to raise donate money. “We will be collecting the funds till the end of the month, after which it will be sent to the victims,” said Father Celestine Sera, principal of the school.

Once the students of Army Public School are back from their short break after the exams, prince little hands trying to raise of the school, Manjula Raman, says that they will be encouraged to write letters to the victims. “At this point, more than clothes or any other donation, they require emotional support,” she said. Poems, cards with a flower or two attached, and personal notes are some gestures that will help them smile in bad times, she said. It will be handed over to the Japanese Embassy to be given to the victims.

Students of Classes IX to XII from CBSE-affiliated schools are chosen to attend a short-term invitation programme in Japan. The programme, which is usually held during May-June, 2011 and is arranged by Japan International Cooperation Centre (JICE) under the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth programme (JENESYS), will provide an opportunity for the students to help the victims.

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